Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Well, a few are biting so far.... better than I expected... and one old schooler has decided to preorder the other five as well.  Works for me!

Monday, August 19, 2013

First Post Here... And First Product...

Those of you playing at home recall my abortive attempt with Plutonian Games.  I don't know if the stars were wrong on that project or what... I DO know that everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.  So... we'll try this again with a new... and better... name.

Old School Road Games is appropriate for several reasons but mainly because it's how I roll and it's a good road to travel.

With the name change comes a change in philosophy.  No, I'm not switching to Pathfinder or 4E... perish the thought.

What I'm shooting for now are products that are useful to the Game Master.  Modules abound now; every OS publisher is cranking them out, and that's fine.  Buy them.  But in the end, they wind up sitting on a shelf to be occasionally read and definitely collected.

I'm aiming now at small PDFs which can be printed off and USED... marked on... annotated... stomped on... spilled on... and altered to the taste of the GM.  I'll still write adventures to be sure, but also supplements for the sake of Game Masters everywhere.

First product in the chute: the first of six adventures comprising a twelve level megadungeon named Dread Saecaroth.  The attentive reader may recall another company sorta kinda publishing a module by me with that name.  They did; it's mine again.  I'm releasing the first part today in PDF form and it's geared for Swords and Wizardry, which is (in my opinion) the best retroclone game on the street.

This is actually two PDFs zipped together.  The first is a 27 page manuscript for you to print off and mark up as you please.  The second is a 2 page map PDF.  Print them off, put them in a binder, and add the rest of the adventures as they become available.

Saecaroth! That most infamous den of wickedness and hatred... a tower stretching up in defiance toward the heavens where the priests of the unholy Three committed acts of such evil that the
gods themselves lay the tower low. Today hardly a stone stands upon stone where the dark tower once brooded; the priests and minions of the Three were driven into the passages and tunnels beneath the
surface where they were hunted like rats by those powerful enough to destroy them.

Two centuries have passed. The grass has grown over the site of that obscenity which once dominated the countryside. Those with courage may seek the entrances to the mysteries underneath, and those with enough strength may wrest the treasures still rumored to lie in its most hidden depths, but beware!... legends whisper that some of the priests of the Three still dwell deep within... performing
unspeakable rites to their alien gods and always seeking fresh and powerful sacrifices...

Now you and your comrades have learned the location and the history of this foul and forgotten place. Will you plumb its depths and bring forward the forgotten secrets and treasures that lie deep within, or will you become yet more corpses at uneasy rest in the corners of this terrible place?

It's not available on RPGNow or other commercial sites and probably won't be as I intend to a) maximize my profits and b)keep the prices down.  As such, each PDF in the series will be $4.99.

To purchase Dread Saecaroth, send $4.99 by PayPal to jamescboney@gmail.com.  Then also email me (at the same address) notifying me.  As soon as I can process it (that day or perhaps the next), I'll email you the PDF bundle.

I feel certain Dread Saecaroth and it's five sister adventures to come will delight you the gamer for hours to come.  Welcome aboard.