Saturday, February 7, 2015

Brand Spanking New OSRIC Module: The Secret of Sundance Caverns

A new OSRIC oneshot module, The Secret of Sundance Caverns, is wrapping up and will be available on or before... Friday the 13th!

The hills in the northern reach of this far flung outpost of civilization have long been the domain of many predatory creatures. From time to time, adventurers sally forth and clear the region of the more dangerous ones. On other occasions, the local militia band together to destroy the orcs, goblins, and other humanoids that threaten the local population and trading routes.

Recently, the local officials have sent for aid from the area’s thane regarding the sudden appearance of a large dragon that attacks at night from the shadows. Unlike any other dragon known, the fierce creature appears interested in little else but finding a new meal but collects no treasure or other booty. The thane has summoned your party of adventurers to journey into the hills toward the ironically named Sundance Caverns… long a source of monsters and local superstition… from whence the mysterious dragon has been seen to emerge and return.

But wait! Darker rumors have appeared that many of the outlying farms are suffering from a strange sickness… family members tired and listless… with strange puncture marks on their necks as if they were attacked by some wicked creature. Are the twin dangers connected, and can the adventurers destroy the creature and any other denizens of evil found there and restore peace to the countryside?

The Secret of Sundance Caverns is an OSRIC/1E module designed for 5-8 player characters of levels 6-10. It will be released as a printable PDF including two old school blue maps. The cost is $4.99 and you can pre-order it now and receive it on the release date by emailing me at and sending $4.99 via PayPal to the same address!

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